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Job Posting: We’re Hiring a Programs Assistant

May 24, 2017 Update: This position has been filled. The AMS Bike Co-op provides UBC students and the wider community with an accessible environment where they can learn about bicycle maintenance and cycling as a safe and sustainable means of […]


Kids Bike Library

The Kids Bike Library is: A. A service offered by kids who deliver your library books by bike B. A library that exclusively offers kids books about bicycles C. None of the above The correct answer would be C, none […]


Bike donations are our lifeblood

One of the main things that draws people into The Bike Kitchen is the appeal buying a refurbished used bike. They’re looking for something cheap, but more trustworthy than a Craigslist ad. All the bikes sold at The Bike Kitchen […]


Job Posting: We’re Hiring a Bike Mechanic

May 9, 2017 The Bike Kitchen is a non-profit, full-service, community bike shop located on the University of British Columbia campus. The Bike Kitchen works to support cycling in the UBC and Vancouver, BC areas. During business hours, we offer […]


P&Y Scavenger Hunt

The P&Ys on campus are carrying loot! Every day during this week there will be P&Y bikes carrying a prize under the seat. This hunt is open to EVERYONE who wanders through UBC Campus. You don’t need to be a […]


Sunny’s Colourful World

by Cynthia Williams “I’m Sunny. I’m a weird creature from another planet sent here to destroy you.” Thirty-three-year-old Sunny Nestler is wearing acid wash jeans with elastic around the ankle, black plastic rimmed glasses and a jean hat. Their* long […]