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Kevin’s Bicycle Couture Collection

Bike Co-op Work Learn student Kevin Chan is known to have some serious bike pride.  Already a respected Vancouver cycling advocate (he was the Vice-President of the BC Cycling Coalition), he will soon be attending the University of Toronto to pursue a Master’s degree in Urban Planning, with the goal […]


ToolTime #10 Cone Wrenches

Today we’ll be looking at a variant on the normal open-ended wrench, the cone wrench. What is the difference between the normal open-ended wrench and the cone wrench? Well, 5mm to be exact! A cone wrench is simply a thinner version of the normal wrench. Whereas a normal box or […]


Volunteer Orientation – Aug 13

Are you looking for a new place to volunteer? We are excited to be able to expand the number of volunteer opportunities that we are able to offer. Volunteers will join the Volunteer Team, and will receive weekly volunteer announcements letting you know about programs where we need help: Cycling […]


Women and Queer Night – Aug 6

Women and Queer night takes place on the first Wednesday of every month. It’s free of charge and no registration is required. Just bring yourself, your bike (if you have one), and drop by. A light dinner will be provided, courtesy of the AMS Bike Co-op.The aim of Women and […]


ToolTime #9 Torque Wrenches

Today we’re going to look at a tool that has existed for a long time, but only recently made its way to the bicycle. The wrench… with torque. What exactly is the purpose of such a specialised wrench you might ask? Well, certain objects and parts are designed only to […]


Recycling Party – July 30

At the Bike Co-op and Bike Kitchen we are constantly receiving donations of used bikes that are in various states of dis-repair. In the best case scenario we lovingly refurbish these bicycles. Unfortunately there are lots of bikes out there where some of the parts, or in many cases the […]