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Annual General Party… er, Meeting

Annual General Meeting March 6th, 2018 6:30pm – 9:00pm The Michael Kingsmill Forum (aka Intergalactic Space Senate) 4th floor of The AMS Student Nest. Mark your calendars, because on March 6th we’re hosting more of a party than an Annual […]


Pedalling Art Recap

On November 10, 2017 we held Pedalling Art: 2nd Annual Bike Art Auction at Gam Gallery. Over 150 people attended and 65 art pieces were bid on.  Between the cover, the raffle tickets, drink sales and art sales, we raised […]


The Function of Space

If you’ve been receiving our newsletters or following us on Facebook for a while, you might be wondering: Why do we use so many space backgrounds? An easy answer could be that images of celestial bodies and formations in outer […]


spare parts bike art workshop series

In anticipation of Pedalling Art: 2nd Annual Fundraiser + Bike Art Auction, we are hosting a crafting workshop series at Our Community Bikes. Join us for some or all of the > spare pARTs < crafting workshops, taking place on […]



Editors note: Thank you to Ruby Ewens, an AMS Bike Co-op volunteers, for writing this stunning piece for our blog. August 5 – 7, 2017. BC long weekend: the sky closed with bushfire haze, sticky and wet. As the AMS […]


Kids Bike Library Wrap Up Party Recap

Editors note: Thank you to our amazing volunteer, Ruby Ewens, for writing this piece for our blog August 16, 2017. It seemed fitting as I arrived that the day was slowing down, the sun ready to set on the first […]