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Bicycle Film Night! Nov. 8 @ 7:30

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Join the AMS Bike Co-op for a night of bicycle film fun! On Monday, November 8th at 7:30 pm at the Norm Theatre, where we are screening a few shorts and then our feature, “Field Guide to November Days,” an almost wordless study of cycling culture, miscommunication, and sexual identity. Not only was it filmed entirely by bicycle, but the directors also toured the film by bike from Vancouver to LA. Tickets are $5 at the door, or $2.50 with a valid Bike Co-op or Film Soc Member Card.

check out our facebook event. or Watch the Trailer!



Show Your Support – New SUB, New Space

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

The board members and the staff of the AMS Bike Co-op and the Bike Kitchen would like to ask for the support of students, staff, community members, the AMS, and UBC in ensuring our operation is successfully incorporated into the design of the new student union building.

Our Mission:

The Bike Co-op is a student-run organization located on campus at UBC. Cycling (em)powers us, and our goal is to provide students and other campus members with an accessible environment where they can learn to fix bicycles, share resources, and build community. We engage in cycling advocacy and education to promote biking as a safe and sustainable means of transportation.

Our current space in the SUB consists of 2000 square feet. With this space, we operate a community bike shop, run programming and conduct educational seminars. Our space in the new sub will consist of 700 square feet, which is inadequate to contain our current operations.

We are committed to ensuring the Bike Co-op and the Bike Kitchen remain a hub of sustainability, student activism and community building on campus.

We ask for your support in lobbying to ensure we have a space in which our organization can thrive, including:

1) A location in the main floor of a central building
2) An outside access with no stairs
3) A space large enough to conduct our operations

Our current location in the basement of the SUB is impeding our ability to succeed.

1) We are not visible and thus there is little awareness of our existence on campus
2) It is difficult for our customers and volunteers to bring their bikes down a flight of stairs
3) Our staff and customers have no natural lighting, inadequate ventilation and experience ceiling leaks in heavy rain

Below, a picture showcasing the limitations of our space: “Where is The Bike Kitchen?”

Portland State University recently upgraded the location of The Bike Hub, a non-profit bike shop similar to the Bike Kitchen. Within nine months of operating in their central, above ground location, membership grew from 300 to 1500 and their sales have increased from 400 to 1200 percent.

Below is a picture of PSU’s Bike Hub in it’s ground level, central location. Beautiful.

We have a successful business model, but we require the support of our community, the AMS, and UBC to fulfill our potential.

Providing the AMS Bike Co-op with an effective space in the new SUB will align with the following declared goals of the university, found within UBC’s Strategic Plan.

Cycling reduces the carbon footprint of staff and students commuting to campus and is an essential aspect of achieving sustainability.  To serve as a dynamic centre of student life, the new student union building must incorporate the infrastructure to facilitate this transportation option. The Bike Co-op and the Bike Kitchen provide essential resources, including: educational opportunities, gateways to cycling culture, and the mechanical expertise to maintain bicycles. The Bike Kitchen serves as a public realm to provide information and resources for those wishing to reduce their car trips to the university.

Incorporating an effective space for the Bike Co-op within the new sub will also align with the following actions cited within the strategic plan:

1) Support student led initiatives to create a campus culture of involvement and improve the student learning environment.
2) Increase community use of learning and cultural venues on UBC’s campuses and sites to increase the community engagement on campus.
3) Increase support for healthy workplace initiatives and improve the work environment on campus.

Please show your commitment to developing sustainable communities through ensuring the success and growth of our organization.

Let the design team know how important the AMS Bike Co-op and the Bike Kitchen are to achieving sustainability on campus – visit to share you concerns or email your suggestions to the AMS President, Bijan Ahmadian at


The AMS Bike Co-op Board of Directors & The Staff of the Bike Kitchen



Bike To School Week: Nov 3rd Commuter Station

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Bike To School and Get Some Treats!

Stop by the commuter station on University Boulevard near Mahony & Sons and say hello to your friends at the VACC, The Bike Kitchen, and the Bike Co-op!

Check out our tune-up stand, cycling maps, and other swag!

03 November · 07:30am – 10:00am

Location University Boulevard (Near Mahony & Son’s)



Stripping Party – Nov. 7

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The co-op is currently overflowing with bikes. Help us clean up our space and have fun too!

We select bikes that are no longer usable, and then you help us salvage usable parts and recycle the rest.

Meet new friends, learn about bikes and rock out to some sweet tunes.

These volunteer hours count towards your membership and bikeshare key.

Date: Nov. 7

Time: 11am-4pm

Location: Bike Kitchen

RSVP: To Our Facebook Event

Hope to see you there!



Women’s Night #2 – Oct. 27

Friday, October 8th, 2010

After a very successful initial evening of women and wrenches, the bike co-op is pleased to announce women’s night is going to be held on a monthly basis!

For those of you who missed the first one, here’s a briefer: The co-op is working towards making our space more inviting for women wishing to learn about bicycles.

Wednesday the 27th of October from 6pm to 9pm is Women’s Night at the Bike Kitchen! The space is for self identified women and is trans inclusive.

The evening will include a mini tutorial, shop time to work on your own bicycle, and instruction when you need it. Beginners are very encouraged to attend.

The tutorial will be different from last time, so those of you who attend regularly will learn tons of new skillz!

Cost: $5-10 Sliding Scale: No one turned away for lack of funds. The funds raised will cover the costs of running the night, including paying our hardworking mechanic.

Check out our facebook event or email us at to RSVP.



Last Chance to Comment on UBC Cycling Plan: October 8th!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The UBC Transit Consultation is currently underway. The final day to comment is Friday, October 8th!

For cyclists, it is important to comment because the UBC Cycling Plan is part of the Transportation Consultation. The “AMS Bike Coop” does not officially endorse or oppose the cycling plan, however we encourage you to critically review the plan and share your concerns.

To aid you in analyzing the plan, the bike co-op would like to share some of our concerns. Currently, the plan doesn’t appear to set measurable goals, have specific details on how bike paths will be affected by the new bus loop locations, or include new strategies to encourage cycling at UBC.

You can read more about our concerns below, or skip straight to the plan using the following links. Your input is needed to tell Campus and Community Planning what you, as cyclists, would like the plan to include!

View the Campus Cycling Plan:

Make your Comments Here:
(Scroll down until you see “Feedback Online”)

Possible Concerns

1. The cycling plan does not have a specific modeshare goal that it has set to meet. (An example of modeshare would be 20% of all trips or 25% of all trips within 5km) – The plan does not set measurable goals.

2. All 3 transit reconfigurations move (at a minimum) the trolley buses back to University Blvd. This is the entry point for over 50% of the cyclists entering campus. The plan mentions no specific mitigation measures to improve cycle entry/exit and flow. Because the two plans (bus & cycling) have not been integrated, it is very difficult for stakeholders (cyclists and public transit users) to critically assess the plans. – The plan has no specific information about how bike paths will be affected by the new bus loop locations.

3. Generally the end of trip facility upgrades seem to be good, with improvements including: additional bike cages, cycling showers, and bike racks. However many of the upgrades mentioned have actually already been implemented. While more facilities will be added few of them seem to be part of the ‘new plan’ and it includes legacy features and projects already in the works. No new ideas seem to have been proposed – The plan does not include new strategies to encourage cycling at UBC.