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Festivus Ride and Bike Church!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Festivus Bike Ride

Before we are entering winter hibernation we are going on one last ride! On Dec 17, meet us at the Bike Kitchen at 6pm to partake in discovering a winter wonderland on wheels. Bring your bike (not optional), winter decorations for your bike (admittedly, these are optional) and if you like, bring a festive hot beverage of your choice. The riding will be beginner friendly, but be prepared to ride in rain/drizzle/light snow if the day brings such adventure.

and for the new year…
Bike Church
Have you been seeking out a monthly event to help you learn how to maintain your bike? And have you also been seeking a community of bike nerds to debate the merits of helmet laws? And do you have a burning question about left hand turns or a list of infrastructural changes around UBC you have just been DYING to bounce off of a friendly face?
Well, consider your prayers answered my friend. Welcome to Bike Church – a space to maintain your bike and discuss all things bike related with fellow cyclists. Don’t be fooled by the name folks, there shall be no religious affiliation. The first sermon shall be held at 6pm on the evening of Wed, Jan. 4, 2012.
The Bike Co-op and the Bike Kitchen will be hibernating from Dec 10th through Jan 3rd. The Bike Kitchen will reopen on January 4th to help you with all your winter cycling needs and on Jan. 10th the Bike Co-op will hold our first volunteer PnY night of 2012!

Things to look forward to from the Bike Kitchen in the new year:
-lots of used bikes for sale
-clearer signage and wayfinding in the shop
-more secure bike parking locations
-regular maintenance classes
-big PnY night parties
and all the usual offerings.

Happy solstice! See you in 2012.


ps. if anyone has one of these ski bikes we want to try it out.