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Richmond Dyke Loop & Steveston

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

The plan would be to ride down Shell Road all the way to the south arm of the Fraser river, then turn west to end up in Steveston by lunchtime ( ).  After that we’d lazyly make our way back up the Richmond Dyke to the north arm, eventually ending up at the Cambie Street bike bridge.  People could meet us at Bridgeport SkyTrain if they don’t want to ride all the way there, and they could take the SkyTrain back if too tired.  At Steveston is an interesting market, including fishing boats where you can buy frozen-at-sea fish and seafood.  Since the ride back includes parts along No 3 Road, there is a high probability of post-ride bubble tea.


When & Where : We meet at 10h00 at 10th & Heather and again at 11h00 on the Richmond side of the Canada Line bridge. [ on Sunday May 13th 2012 ]


To get an up-to-date detail contact us @

or come visit us @ The Bike Kitchen



Burnaby Velodrome and Mountain Biking

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

The Burnaby Velodrome Club is inviting people of all levels of cycling and non-cyclists alike to come out a ride one of only 4 indoor velodrome’s in North America and home to the National Training Center. Participants will be provided a 2 hour session including insurance, loaner track bike, and top level coaching, all free of charge.

Time slots will be 9-11 AM, 11 AM – 1 PM, 2- 4 PM on Sunday May 6th

Please email to secure a slot.


Group of Bike Co-op members are going to bike to velodrome and then go mountain biking. Riding out to the velodrome is a ~2 hour affair: and the first session starts at 09h00, so we’d probably leave UBC a little before 07h00.  People could meet up along the way or just at the velodrome if they want to take the bus or SkyTrain part of the way.  Whoever would be riding on the track needs to use an indoor bike (loaners provided), so we’d head out there on mountain bikes.


After the velodrome, we’d go mountain biking at Burnaby Mountain Park.  This mountain biking would not be the downhilling type, just trail riding, nothing much worse than Pacific Spirit Park near UBC ( ).  You can easily ride the trails without any suspension, and probably even with a street bike with big enough tires.



Annual End of Term Bike Trip

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012


Hi friends, I’d like to invite you to the

Student Environment Centre’s Annual Bike Trip , April 25 -27th!



Every year we partake on a cycling journey over hills and ocean to a magical forest little known as Wildwood. Magical may be an overstatement, but it IS a lot of fun.


Once exams end we will begin our journey, and we want to take YOU with us! We will travel to the Horseshoe Bay ferry, ferry over to Nanaimo, and pedal to Wildwood from there.


Once at wildwood there will be swimmingfire-making, cooking, and a tour of this awesome sustainable forest.




PEDAL is hiring !

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Hello awesome organizations

Pedal and Our Community Bikes are hiring for a couple of different summer positions.  Please distribute this job posting to your circles.

We need applicants to have been a student full time in the last semester and be planning on returning to school, and be under 30. Check out the different positions available on the attached posting, and contact us for more details

happy riding


Our Community Bikes
phone: (604) 879-2453
open eleven to six, seven days a week

Pedal Depot
phone: (604) 708-4992
open three to six, Tuesday to Friday
twelve to six on Saturdays and Sundays
closed on Monday

For more information, please visit our website at:


|=————- View the attached posting PDF ————-=|





Shift is hiring!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Shift is hiring! Please check out the attached position description and share with your networks.

Take care, and take the lane!

Kevin Cooper
Co-Owner, Operations & Logistics
SHIFT: Urban Cargo Delivery




CRC @ Nat Bailey Stadium Winter Market

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Thanks again for bringing out your bike on Saturday April 14th 2012 and visiting our tents at Nat Bailey Stadium Winter Market.

23 tuneups, 28 visitors and $45 of donations. Crazy amount of bikes (the racks were full most of the day).

It was a lot of fun!!



CRC @ Nat Bailey Stadium Winter Market - Taken by Johnty

With special thanks to Kieran, Eryn, Fish, Johnty and anyone else who helped us during the event.

For more information about our CRC [ = Cyclying Resource Centre  ] program visit

See you next time !

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twitter @ ubcbike
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Paid Community Bikeshop Position in Montreal for the Summer

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Anyone want to live in Montreal for the summer? If yes, then read this ,


I am one of the many community bikeshop volunteers in Montreal. I I should check to see if anyone in your neck of the woods is interested in applying for a paid position here at SantroVelo, one of the community bikeshops in town. SantroVelo operates out of Santropol Roulant, a community urban agriculture and meals-on-wheels project. One of the reasons I am sending this out your way is that the grant that pays the salary for the position requires that the employee have a permanent address outside of Montreal. You will probably know more people than we do who do not live in Montreal. So, if you know anyone who is interested in hanging out in Montreal for the summer let them know about this position. Check out the attached PDF on how to apply, etc… [PDF]




April’s Bike Church

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Next sermon is on Wednesday April 4th at 18h00, and the topic will be “Traffic Laws & Cycling“. As usual, people are invited to bring their bikes (for the communal oiling & inflating) and snacks.

Tucson Bike Church Sanctuary



Have you been seeking out a monthly event to help you learn how to maintain your bike? And have you also been seeking a community of bike nerds to debate the merits of helmet laws? And do you have a burning question about left hand turns or a list of infrastructural changes around UBC you have just been DYING to bounce off of a friendly face?

Well, consider your prayers answered my friend. Welcome to Bike Church – a space to maintain your bike and discuss all things bike related with fellow cyclists. Don’t be fooled by the name folks, there shall be no religious affiliation.