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Read our Cycling Resource Handbook!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

In this guide, we compiled information on different groups, organizations, and communities that make up the cycling culture of Vancouver. We also included both online and material resources that focus on the contemporary politics and historical background of cycling. Lastly, we added some practical information on maintenance, safety and buying a used bike. We hope this reference guide will provide as a helpful source for all your cycling needs and enquiries.

Cycling Resource Handbook 2012/2013



The AMS Bike Co-op is hiring a UBC student!

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Job Summary:
The Programs Intern (PI) will help maintain specific programs of the AMS Bike Co-op, including the Cycling Resource Centre’s (CRC’s), the Bike Locker Program, the Bike Trailer Program, the Intro Mechanics Workshops and the Build Your Own Bike Program (BYOB). They will work in tandem with the AMS Bike Co-op board of directors to ensure that Co-op programs run smoothly, report directly to the board at weekly meetings, and undertake other Bike Co-op related tasks as required. These tasks will give the PI skills for developing, coordinating and managing different programs in the future.

Key Tasks:
• Hold regular office hours in coordination with, and in addition to the Programs Coordinator.
• Keep the Cycling Resource Centre kits stocked – ensuring that there are always enough maps, information pamphlets and tools.
• Maintain the Bike Locker Program – following the established procedure of sending out reminders to customers.
• Maintain the Bike Trailer Program – following the established procedure of signing in and signing out the Co-op’s bike trailers.
• Organize the Intro Mechanics Workshops and BYOB waitlists.
• Represent the AMS Bike Co-op at community events by tabling at information booths.
• Distribute posters, stickers, pamphlets, and informational materials and print more as needed.
• Maintain overall organization of office space.
• Attend weekly Co-op Board meetings (Tuesdays 17h00-18h00).
• Perform other tasks for the Co-op and Bike Kitchen as directed by their supervisor.

Position Type:
UBC Vancouver Work Study & Work Learn Program
• Enrolled at UBC for the 2012/2013 school year.
• Experience working in non-profit organizations.
• Ability and willingness to work with students, unpaid volunteers and staff.
• Experience with collective decision-making practices.
• Knowledge/interest about cycling culture and cycling advocacy.
• Ability to communicate in a professional manner through writing and speaking.
• Experience with public relations and basic office administration tasks.
• Basic computer skills (word processing, e-mail, database management, spreadsheets).
• Understanding of and commitment to anti-oppressive values.
Duration and Payment:
The duration of the position is from September 3, 2012 to April 30, 2013. The student will work 10 hours/week for a maximum of 300 hours in total. The wage is $13.27 an hour.
How to Apply:
Pleases submit your applications via email to ubc.bikecoop [at] with the subject “Programs Intern Application 2012/2013”. Applications are due August 31, 2012 at 12pm.
Please include a resume and cover letter detailing relevant experience.
The AMS Bike Co-op is an equal opportunity employer.



Bike Art Show Call-out

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

The AMS Bike Co-op is calling for submissions for an art exhibit and fundraiser. The show will be exhibited in the AMS Art Gallery in the main floor of the SUB at UBC and will run from Monday, October 15th until Monday, October 22nd.

We will prioritize submissions that incorporate the following concepts:

  • Recycling (bike parts or other recycled items)
  • Cycling advocacy (work that promotes cycling)
  • Viewer engagement (work that encourages the viewer to participate or engage with the art)
  • Work that the artist is willing to donate to the AMS Bike Co-op (to be auctioned in the closing fundraiser for the co-op)

Types of art accepted include, but are not limited to: visual art (painting, photography, video etc), performance art (music, theatre, spoken word, etc), or sculpture (metalwork, clay, etc). Other suggestions welcome. During the exhibit we will hold an evening event complete with refreshments and fun where performance pieces can be presented.

Please submit artwork proposals to Proposals can be for art that has already been completed or for an art project you have not yet begun.

Please include the following details:

  • An image of your artwork (if possible)
  • A description of your artwork and an artist’s statement on the piece including the purpose, message, or importance of the piece (100-300 words max)
  • Detailed list of materials used

Whether you would be willing to donate the work to the auction raising funds for the AMS Bike Co-op

We at the AMS Bike Co-op believe everyone can be a creator of art. Whether or not you have exhibited work before or identify as an artist, we urge you to consider submitting your work. Being part of a show can be an exciting and fun experience!

If you would like to work with the co-op to create your own fine piece of art email to inquire about upcoming Bike Art sessions or coordinate with us to use some of our scrap parts for your creations.