Recycling Party – Aug 20

At the Bike Co-op and Bike Kitchen we are constantly receiving donations of used bikes that are in various states of dis-repair. In the best case scenario we lovingly refurbish these bicycles.

Unfortunately there are lots of bikes out there where some of the parts, or in many cases the entire bike, are at the end of their usable lives, and that’s where you come in!

In order to recycle everything we need to separate the various kinds of metal, rubber, and plastic and we can really use your help. Fortunately, this is a great way to practice some bike mechanics, and familiarize yourself with all of different parts, how they work (or in this case, don’t work), and how they fit together.

So, come on by, put on an apron, and help us strip down some old bikes!

What you are going to do:

  • help strip down old bikes for parts, frames, or scrap
  • separate the different parts/materials of bikes that are rusted or damaged beyond usability  for recycling
  • eat lots of good food with great company

Why you should come:

  • for the inexperienced its a great introduction to mechanics in a supportive and low-stakes environment
  • for the more experienced you will have an opportunity to share you skills with others, and there are always strange and unusual bikes that you will get to see, enjoy, and dismantle
  • get free dinner for helping out
  • just like our weekly volunteer night, hours contributed count towards Bike Co-op volunteer hours

When it is:

  • ReCycling Parties take place the last Wednesday of every month
  • that means the next Recycling Party is on Aug 20th
  • always in the Bike Kitchen, always 6-9pm