New Blog Feature: Book of the Month!

Book of the month graphic

by Ali Byers

Believe it or not, the AMS Bike Co-op has an eclectic collection of books available to borrow in our space in the basement of the old SUB. The library boasts titles such as Divorce Your Car and BC Car-Free and topics range from gender theory to bike mechanics and everything in between. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come in and browse, borrow or read the books. All the books featured can be found in our library.

In keeping with the season, January’s pick is Frostbike: The Joy, Pain and Numbness of Winter Cycling by Tom Babin. The author currently lives in Calgary, works as a journalist for the Calgary Herald and commutes by bike year-round. The book provides a detailed depiction of the realities of winter cycling in Canada.

He opens with an anecdote of a fateful, early winter ride during which he experiences an elusive joy found in the falling snow and the fading light of the day—along with two much less enjoyable falls. This combination prompts an exploration of the sustainability of winter cycling. Does the joy that comes from winter cycling outweigh the dangers? Can winter cycling ever be truly enjoyable? Is it worth it?

Whether you’re a fair-weather cyclist looking to expand your bike knowledge during the off-season or an avid winter cyclist looking for inspiration, this book has a lot of knowledge to offer.
Happy reading and cycling (preferably not at the same time)!