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Statement from AMS Bike Co-op condemning pride flag burning

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

PrideYesterday, members of the UBC Pride Collective found the rainbow flag erected to celebrate OUTweek burned off the pole outside of the SUB. This act of bigotry and hatred has no place on our campus, nor in our communities. The AMS Bike Co-op and The Bike Kitchen condemns this act of hate in a show of solidarity and support of the UBC Pride Collective and the wider LGBTQ2+ community.

We encourage all members of the cycling community and broader UBC community to show your support for the LGBTQ2+ community and the Pride Collective. We will continue to promote inclusion and aim to create safe spaces on campus for LGBTQ2+ communities. The AMS has printed out 100s of rainbow posters that students, faculty, staff and student groups can get from their office. We have put up rainbow posters in the Bike Co-op office and at The Bike Kitchen to show our solidarity, and encourage other student organizations to do the same.

Tonight, Women and Queer night will resume as usual at The Bike Kitchen. To learn more, visit For those needing support around the flag burning incident, you cancontact the Pride Collective here.