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Deep Cove Ride Recap

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

On Sunday June 26th, Bike Co-op and Kitchen members and friends joined for a ride out to Deep Cove! We had 13 people of all skill levels come out, including those who have done more than 200km in a day and some who had not yet ridden their bicycles off of UBC campus. With only a couple stops to pump bike tires, we all made it to Deep Cove in good time.

Weather: Gorgeous, sunny, warm.

Food: Donuts at Honey’s Donuts were as delicious as remembered. Some folks went across the street for crepes, while one rider bought a giant cinnamon bun that required the help of 4 other people to eat.

Activities: A few of us tried to rent kayaks but had not booked in advance (oops!). Given the gorgeous weekend day, of course there were none available until 5 hours later and we didn’t want to wait around. Instead, we lounged on the grass, on the beach, and went swimming before heading back to the city.

Thanks to everyone who came! Can’t wait for our next ride.

Riders assemble!

Riders assemble!

Riders pause all orderly on Dollarton Hwy.

Riders pause on Dollarton Hwy in quite an organized fashion.

Ah, what a view.

Ah, what a view. Overlooking the beach below.

Pure sugar with sugar on top.

Pure sugar with sugar on top.

Want to do this ride yourself? Here are the details:

  • Total distance: 17.5km one way (approx 1 hour 15 minutes)
  • Elevation change: Some hills – 157 m up, 167 m down
  • Route: Ontario to Union/Adanac to Cassiar (designated bike routes with good road quality), across a bridge to the north shore (bikes separated from cars with a barrier), then along Dollarton Hwy (two lane road with some but low traffic, good road quality). Honey’s Donuts is open daily 6am-5pm except for some holidays.
  • Map:
  • To bring with you: Water, lunch and/or mulla, sunscreen, kayak and/or hike-able clothes, bus fare if you might want to bus back to Vancouver.
  • About the Ride: Riding has an extra level of enjoyment when you know there’s going to be delicious donuts on the other end! This ride goes from Olympic Village in Vancouver to Deep Cove on the north shore. Upon arrival, there is the option of enjoying one of Honey’s Donuts, biking up Mount Seymour, hiking, or kayaking, paddleboarding or surfski-ing in Deep Cove and the Indian Arm, a branch of the Burrard Inlet. Kayaks can be rented March-October; prices are $39 for 2 hours for a single, or $50 for 2 hours for a double. Reservations recommended.



Hanna Buys a Bike! A blog series on new cyclists

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

This blog post is part of a new series of posts interviewing new cyclists about their bikes and riding in the city. Want to be interviewed? Email volunteer(at)

Meet Hanna, a friend of the Bike Kitchen, who just bought her first bike in Vancouver! I caught up with Hanna this week to see what the new bike experience is like. 


T: You just bought a new used bike this week! Exciting.
H: I did! It’s a great bike. It’s pretty. It has two wheels!
T: That’s good, fits the definition of a bicycle well, haha.
H: Yeah! I just got it from the Bike Kitchen this week.

T: What are you planning on using your bike for?
H: I’m going to use it to get to work, and get very many muscles. When fall comes around and I try out for roller derby, I will have lots of leg muscles from biking!

T: What do you currently use for transportation?
H: I have a car and a compass card, so I bus and I drive. And now I have a bike!

T: What was the process of buying a bike like for you?
H: Well, I don’t really know that much about bikes, so it was mostly overwhelming. It was hard to figure out if I was buying something that was worth it or was just going to fall apart, which was why eventually I was like – fuck it – I’m going to the Bike Kitchen. At least if it’s terrible, I know where I can go to beg to get it fixed.

T: Are there any resources that would have been useful for you when buying your bike?
H: I did not go searching, so it’s not like I know what is already out there. A very basic, “This is what a bike is, what are you looking for, here’s some tips” would have been useful though.
(Tip! We have an online resource with all of that information:“How to Buy a Used Bike”)

T: Have you taken your new bike for any trips?
H: I have! I biked from UBC to Main St. It was an adventure. It went mostly very well, except for one part. I rode down a hill, and then I was not riding down a hill, I was rolling down it.

T: Oh no! Did you crash?
H: I did. Fortunately, I have great reflexes, and didn’t die. Now that I have my one crash out of the way, I’m sure the rest of biking will be great.
T: Was it an issue with your brakes, or just a tight turn?
H: Probably just the turn, and inexperience.
(Tip! The hill down 8th ave from Sasamat to Alma is large, and the turn at the end is quite tight. Take it slow until you know it well.)

T: How are you feeling about riding around the city, have you done much city riding before?
H: No, I haven’t. Before I went for my first ride, it was more nerve-wracking as an idea then it was actually scary doing it. Previously, my riding experience was only on reserve in Northern Ontario, on dirt roads with mountain bikes.

T: What is most daunting to you about cycling?
H: Hills. Fucking hills. Hills are the worst.

T: What you most excited for about cycling?
H: Getting leg muscles. Also biking places, having summer adventures that don’t involve my car. I’ve got a bike trip to Gibsons and Persephone brewing planned for some great beer. There’s a ferry involved in that plan, I won’t be biking all the way. I don’t think that’s possible, ha.

T: I bet there’s bike powered boats somewhere!
(After Googling: Of course there are pedal powered boats. But have you heard of Shuttle Bike!?)

T: Any last thoughts about your bike, about cycling?
H: I’m very excited to have biking adventures. My bike looks great! And I have several bike friends and bike mechanic peoples – I live with one – so that’ll be nice. If I have any problems I can bribe my friends with food and other briberies to help me fix up my bike.

We’ll be following up with Hanna in a few weeks to see how she’s liking her bike, how biking in the city is going, and how that adventure to Gibsons went! Stay tuned, bike friends.