Everything You Need To Know About The Move

The Bike Kitchen is moving. We’re still here for all your bike-related needs, but instead of going down some stairs in the Old SUB and into a concrete bunker-type space you’ll be going up a few stairs into an ATCO trailer next to Brock Hall. We aren’t moving very far distance-wise, but if you’ve been in the Kitchen and know how many bikey things we have you’ll understand that this is a big move. We’ll need the help of our community in a variety of ways to make this move a successful one. 


Here’s the nitty gritty (because you know we’re all about the grit).

When is this going down?

The move will take place from September 21-25 and as we’ll be in the new space for approximately 18 months.

I love the Kitchen! how can I help?

Firstly, we love you too! Secondly, you can help us with the actual move. The bulk of the heavy lifting will take place September 24 and 25 between 10AM and 6PM and you are welcome to come (bring your friends). You’ll be rewarded with snacks, high fives, and our everlasting appreciation. 

I can’t help with moving for a very valid reason, what else can I do?

You can help by visiting us in our new space and utilizing our services!  You can also tell your friends so that everyone knows we’ve moved.

I love the bunker! Why are you moving?

We’re moving because the Old SUB is being renovated and there’s no space for us in the Nest. We’ll be moving back into the old Pit space once the renovations are complete. Expect a similar post in 18 months about The Move 2.0.

Ok I get it you’re moving, but where exactly is the ~new space~ I’ve heard so much about?  

Officially, our new address is 1896 East Mall. This means we are kitty corner to our old space. We are in front of IKB and we are on the south-east side of Brock Hall.