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P&Y Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

The P&Ys on campus are carrying loot! Every day during this week there will be P&Y bikes carrying a prize under the seat. This hunt is open to EVERYONE who wanders through UBC Campus. You don’t need to be a P&Y Bike Share member to play.

Keep your eyes out for the signature purple and yellow bicycles and you could win some great stuff, including gift cards from our sponsors: Loafe Cafe, Koerner’s PubEarnest Ice Cream, and Jamjar. Follow the #pnyprize hashtag on twitter and the Facebook event to get clues!

If you find a prize certificate bring it to the AMS Bike Coop office (rm. 4305 in the Nest) to claim what you’ve won. Please come in to claim your prize before Thursday April 6, 2017.

What in the world is a P&Y? P&Y bikes make up the campus bike share fleet. P&Y bikes are available for Bike Co-op members to ride whenever they want within campus boundaries. P&Y bikes are painted purple and yellow and locked with padlocks that are all keyed alike.

Earn a membership by by donating 6 hours of volunteer time to our P&Y Volunteer Night held @ The Bike Kitchen from 6:15pm – 9:oopm every Tuesday. To get a key to the P&Y bike share, members must then volunteer another 6 hours at P&Y Night. That’s 12 hours of volunteering total to get access to the UBC campus bike share fleet. There are awesome perks to volunteering. Volunteers learn about bike mechanics, and eat free pizza! No experience is necessary to volunteer, it’s a great chance to work on a bike for the very first time.