Bike donations are our lifeblood

One of the main things that draws people into The Bike Kitchen is the appeal buying a refurbished used bike. They’re looking for something cheap, but more trustworthy than a Craigslist ad. All the bikes sold at The Bike Kitchen come with a one-month warranty and have been repaired and built up by trained mechanics, usually with a smattering of new and used parts to both keep the cost accessible while ensuring the bike is safe, functional, and great to ride.

But where do all these bikes and parts come from?
The answer is donations from a variety of sources in the community, such as property managers and strata groups clearing out their storage spaces, and the UBC Building Operations, who collect bikes that have been abandoned on campus. Sometimes we get donations from really cool individuals who don’t need their bike anymore and want to give it a good home.

At the AMS Bike Co-op Bike Kitchen, sustainability is a huge part of our mandate.
When a bike is donated to us, we assess it, and quickly discern whether it’s worth fixing up and reselling, if it’s best suited to one of our various programs, or if it’s best to save a few parts from it (like maybe the saddle or the wheels), and recycle the rest as best we can.

When a bike gets stripped, we put a lot of effort into separating the different materials (rubber, metal, plastic,etc.) and recycling them appropriately.
Our metal recycling, composed largely of frames, rims, hubs, and chains) is picked up every two weeks or so, and our rubber recycling (mostly tubes and tires) is driven out by a staff member to a depot on Annacis Island.

Donations of used bikes and parts are the lifeblood of shops like the Bike Kitchen.
They help us keep our costs down, and get more people on bikes while minimizing our impact on the environment. The Bike Kitchen offers free pick-up if you have four bikes or more to donate. Lots of bikes? No problem! We can handle it! Either call the Bike Kitchen at 604-827-7333, or send an email to