We’ve Partnered With the CoV to keep bikes out of the Landfill

The AMS Bike Co-op is proud to announce that we have partnered with the City of Vancouver to keep bikes out of the waste stream.

How it Works
When people dispose of bikes they often end up at the Vancouver Transfer Station, the CoV’s waste disposal and recycling station. These bikes used to end up in the landfill. Now there is a bike corral at the transfer station where workers put aside discarded bikes. When there is a large enough pile of bikes, they call us and we collect them.

Each bike we pick up is assessed. Some of the bikes are rebuilt and reused for programs like Pedals for the People, Bici Libre, the Purple & Yellow Campus Bike Share, and the Kids Bike Library. Other bikes are disassembled so that we can recycle broken parts and save any usable parts. Parts in good condition are used on bike builds or are sold for affordable prices to patrons at The Bike Kitchen and Our Community Bikes.