Kids Bike Library Wrap Up Party Recap

Editors note: Thank you to our amazing volunteer, Ruby Ewens, for writing this piece for our blog

August 16, 2017.

It seemed fitting as I arrived that the day was slowing down, the sun ready to set on the first successful season of the Kid’s Bike Library. I had missed rush hour, where families had come to play and tinker earlier in the afternoon, but I was lucky enough to stand amongst the streamers and stickers, raffle tickets and tools to witness a magical moment: children wandering up to the smorgasbord of colourful rims, that cautious awe and delight, beaming faces buried in the crook of a parent’s leg.

They inched forward for the sticky cones of Earnest Ice cream and then became discerning — pouring over the merchandise, knowing exactly what they wanted.

“No, not that one.”

“No kick stand on this one.”

“Ohhhhh, this one, mum…”

A father proudly recalled how his daughter had attended The Bike Kitchen a cycling novice and was like a duck to water: as soon as her fingers wrapped around the handlebars she was hurling herself down speed ramps and honoured by staff and volunteers as our most intrepid community member.

Since May, the KBL has put many small bottoms on saddles, demonstrated by the letter written by Ace’s mum, pictured below (try not to melt when you read it, I dare you).

It takes me back to my first wobbly experience, as far from being an intrepid little girl as I could get, pushed heartily by my father who seeing me nervous, was comically buoyant. Needless to say, both his confidence and my front tire deflated as I face-planted a fence. But like all the nervous first-timers I saw at the party, now you can’t pry a frame from my mittens.

So there might not be another KBL summer party in 2017, but there will be more KBL in the fall: for further information click here.