Our Mission

We provide students and the wider community with an accessible environment where they can learn to fix bicycles, share resources, and work together. We engage in cycling education, outreach and advocacy to promote biking as a safe and sustainable means of transportation.


Bike shops can be very intimidating spaces, especially for those of us who use the term “thingy-whatsit” when referring to bike parts and tools.

The AMS Bike Co-op and Bike Kitchen are committed to making our space and resources more accessible. We are working towards developing programming that reaches out to new communities and reduces barriers to riding and learning about bike mechanics. Learning how to maintain and fix your own bicycle is empowering because it reduces the cost of riding your bicycle and makes riding more enjoyable!

Check our current Programs and Workshops for more information.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the accessibility of our space or resources please let us know!

Our History

The AMS Bike Co-op was founded in the spring of 1998 by a group of very dedicated students. The venture was financially backed by the AMS Innovative Projects Fund, Trek, and other supporters. The original purpose of the co-op was to build a shared fleet of purple and yellow bicycles that could be used by students to reduce the number of car trips on campus. This initiative was hugely successful, and continues to be a foundation of the Co-op’s programming. The Co-op continued to expand its operations after P&Y was well established, gaining a core of dedicated volunteers and becoming a hub for cycling on campus.

The Bike Kitchen

The Bike Kitchen is perhaps the most ambitious program of the Co-op. It is a non-profit community bike shop that was created to provide a space for students and other community members to learn how to use our tools and parts to maintain, repair, and build their own bicycles. The Bike Kitchen also recycles abandoned and donated bikes to provide students with reliable and reasonably priced bicycles. The Bike Kitchen was founded through BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation) and managed temporarily through Our Community Bikes. In 1999, the Bike Kitchen was handed over to the Co-op. Since then, the Co-op’s board of directors have been in charge of appointing a manager to oversee the operations of the shop. In practice, the two organizations work side by side to run and develop programming.

The Board of Directors

Organized as a student club under the AMS, the Bike Co-op is run by a Board of Directors and an executive elected by its members at an Annual General Meeting. The board is the heart of the Co-op, and develops and facilitates its programming and events. Members of the board of directors are charged with the direction of the Co-op and are entrusted to make decisions about how it is run. Important decisions are made by the board, which meets every third week. We employ a consensus based decision making model.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, be sure to come to our annual general meeting held every March. Call 604-822-BIKE or email us to get involved!


How We Operate:

Club Constitution

Club Bylaws


It is with the continued support of Transportation Planning, the Alma Mater Society of UBC, and the support we receive from our community that we can continue to provide our services and deliver our programs.

We would like to give special thanks to our biggest supporter - the students of UBC!  We extend our heartfelt thanks to each student who contributes to the Bike Co-op, both through the generous donations of volunteer time and through the $1 we receive per student each year.

As approved by student vote in the AMS Referendum in January 2013, the AMS Bike Co-op receives $1 per student annually as part of their student fees.  The proceeds from this fee go towards supporting green transportation options and providing the UBC community with programs and services to make cycling more accessible for all.

Once again, thank you to the UBC community for your support!