Board of Directors

Connor Morgan-Lang

President, Advocacy Committee Chair

Connor grew up in Langley, B.C. He completed his undergraduate degree in cell biology and genetics in 2014. He is continuing his education in bioinformatics with future aspirations of joining the technology sector ideally with implications in environmental monitoring and sustainability. His favourite bike is affectionately dubbed “The Pink Steed”. It is a fast machine. He consumes time by cycling, skiing, hiking, and cooking and eating mounds of Thai food. He is striving for safer and more plentiful bike routes throughout Vancouver with the Bike Co-op’s advocacy committee.

Mike Gottlieb

Vice President

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Fausto Inomata


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Women & Queer Night Coordinator

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Amir cropped

Amir Maleki Zamenjani

Board Member at Large

Born and raised in Iran, Amir is currently in the first year of a PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at UBC. Apart from biking, he enjoys other outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and camping. Read our interview with Amir.

Laith cropped

Laith Furatian


I have been involved with the bike coop at UBC since I arrived in Vancouver, first as a volunteer then as a board member. Most recently I was treasurer, and now I am going to do other tasks, including librarian. I am a PhD candidate in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. I enjoy touring in the region a occasionally longer trips. The bike coop has been a great way to get to know a community of like minded individuals.

Paige Ngo

Bike Kitchen Liason

Paige is a current applied science student going into her second year. Paige regularly attends P&Y nights and has extended her involvement in the bike community in hopes of creating resources that help more people enjoy the wonders of cycling. She likes Vietnamese cuisine, Gouda cheese, Tintin, and interesting animal facts.


Étienne Hossack


Étienne grew up mostly local (Whonnock), but didn’t embrace bikes until recent years (he admits he only learned how to ride a bike via help of an instructor, at 12 or 13). He’s now been racing for 2 years, and enthusiastically helps his club, Escape Velocity with their events and website. Étienne is also a passionate long-distance rider, on the BC Randonneurs Executive Committee and loves “cycling his butt off”. He’s a huge gear nerd (probably from his tech background), so if you ever want to chat with someone about computers or ALL the bike stuff, you know – that guy.

Gregory Vettese

Clubs Liason

Gregory is a civil engineering student who only learned to stop worrying and love the bike after moving to Vancouver a couple years ago. The UBC Bike Co-op had him at “free pizza”, but he has been volunteering at P&Y nights since 2014. Gregory wants more students to experience the freedom and convenience of cycling in the most bicycle-friendly city in Canada.

Kieran O’Neill

Advocacy Committee Co-chair

Kieran did his PhD at UBC from 2009 to 2014, and was on the board, sometimes as president or vice president, for most of that. Now graduated, he continues to dole out (hopefully) sage advice to the new generation of board members and volunteers at a range of events.


Marv Clark

Community Member

Marv graduated from UBC in 1970 with a Bachelor of Forestry and returned in 1984 to work with the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) on the UBC campus until his retirement in 2009. During his tenure at FERIC Marv returned to the UBC Faculty of Forestry for a Masters degree that he completed in 2000. During his life Marv has been active in cycling over 4 distinct periods. Various time demands from work or family would cause the bikes to be stored away in the recesses of the basement and never seen again for decades.  When circumstances did allow the bikes to emerge again cycling technology advances always rendered them obsolete so new equipment had to be acquired.  In 2005 Marv once again returned to cycling in an attempt to improve his fitness and to deal with a health issue of high blood pressure.  Cycling proved very effective in achieving both objectives.  In 2007, a colleague introduced him to the volunteer programs at the Coop and Marv gradually increased his participation.  After retiring he spent even more time on Coop activities and remains an active Coop member today.


Eva Yap

Multilingual Night Coordinator

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