Meet our Staff

pablo cropped

A self-taught bike mechanic, Pablo’s enthusiasm for bikes has come full circle after volunteering at a number of bike shops in BC and ON. Having worked in both commercial and community shops, he hopes to continue working with bicycles as a mechanic and advocate for the cycling community. With dreams of working in architecture, he believes that cycling and sustainable design will inform the urban fabric of the future.

Aida Mas
Bici Libre and Kids Bike Library Coordinator
Aida enjoys feeling the gentle tug of a trailer full of tiny bicycles, which is one of the many reasons she decided to start a kids bike library. She spends a lot of time running (and riding) around, but can often be found by following the sound of her cackle echoing through the shop, office, or whatever space she happens to be in.  In her free time, she likes to play outside in search of marmots, especially the really furry ones.

Drew is a grouchy internet troll that works in a bike shop part time.

Sunny Nestler
Programs Manager
Sunny is a seasoned bike mechanic who has been involved in community bike shops since 2007. They are the founder of Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective and were a veteran senior mechanic / human resources coordinator at Our Community Bikes here in Vancouver. Sunny recently learned how to use Hyperlinks! Is that what we call them now? Sunny does not have any bike related tattoos… yet.


Education & Outreach Coordinator
Hannah got into cycling because she can’t drive a car, she finds it really stressful and just never got her license. Didn’t stop her from going places though, she’s bikes all over the place, like one time she rode from Vancouver to Mexico. It took a long time. Hannah likes to paint, and draw, and poke around under rocks and logs looking for squishy creatures. She has a great collection of hats that she crocheted herself. She might make you one if you trade her for some jelly beans.

Bike Kitchen Manager
Alex’s hobbies include: Food blogging, networking, self-promotion, talking on the phone while in the checkout line at the grocery store, recumbent bicycles, and bro’ing down.

Jeremy is into the whole bike-packing craze that’s happening all over the world. As a huge bike nerd, he is stoked to learn more about bike mechanics so that he can stop bugging Alex, the Bike Kitchen manager, with questions on Facebook.

Outreach Assistant
Ali moved Vancouver about a year ago and still gets lost trying to navigate the city by bike, which she does mainly because she likes arriving places covered in a fine layer of sweat. When she isn’t biking she can be found skulking around the Geography building trying to get a degree, learning how to feed herself with vegetables, and trying (unsuccessfully) to convince her friends to ride with her.
cynthia2 Cynthia
Communications Coordinator
As if an arts degree isn’t useless enough, Cynthia is working on a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. Before returning to post secondary school, Cynthia worked as a goldsmith for four years. She got into cycling as an affordable way to commute to work as young artists don’t make, like, any money. This is why Cynthia went back to school–to become even poorer while working to eventually sustain herself in a creative career. Have I rambled enough yet while talking about myself in the third person? Bikes n’ stuff.
leanne Leanne
Mechanic, Admin, Keeper of Books, and all the other things
Leanne has been involved with community bike shops for 8.5 years and acted as our interim Boss-Queen after joining us from Our Community Bikes in January 2015. She can be found at the back of the shop, ironing out crumpled receipts and generally keeping us in order. Leanne somehow juggles being a jack-of-all-trades at the Kitchen, with studying Social Work at UVic. She excels at knitting, speaking authoritatively, and owns 2 cats, one of which is exceptionally soft.