Build Your Own Bike

** The BYOB program is currently on hold because of space constraints in our temporary location. BYOB will start up again once we move into our new renovated space. **

This intensive program guides you through the process of building your own bike from the frame up! Our mechanics are here to guide you through the process of assembling your bike, but leave you to do all the wrenching. BYOB is great for anyone who wants to learn the nitty gritty of bike mechanics, and get an awesome bike, customized just for them, out of the process!


Participants in the BYOB program pay a monthly fee that gives them full access the following program services:

  • A designated space in the Bike Kitchen to store your project.
  • Mentorship with a Bike Kitchen mechanic to help you plan your build.
  • Unlimited shop time to work on your build project during the timeframe that is covered by your fee.

The program is self-paced and on average, BYOB participants take two months to complete their project. Participants may require more or less time depending on the complexity of their project and the amount of time per week that they are able to dedicate to working on their project.

Each monthly fee installment lasts 30 days, and is charged for any months in which the participant has their build project stored at the Bike Kitchen.

* Please note that the course does not include wheel building. If you would like to build your own wheel, we will require you to register for our Wheel Building Workshops.


BYOB participants must be members of the AMS Bike Co-op. If you are not currently a member but wish to participate in the program, you will need to purchase a membership first. Memberships are $15 for students and $20 for staff/faculty/community (more info here).

Participants in the program must also be able to demonstrate intermediate mechanical ability, either by:

  • Taking our Intro to Mechanics course, or
  • sufficient volunteer or work experience at Bike Co-op/Bike Kitchen programs, or other bike shops (please note: you must be able to provide a reference from the organization that can vouch for your length of volunteer time and your skill level).




The BYOB Program has a monthly fee of $60.

BYOB participants will receive a 20%* discount on new parts or used parts from the display case and accessories for their build (*some discount exceptions apply).  Participants can also use used parts from the “bins”.

Note: The monthly program fee does NOT include the cost of the bike you build. Average costs for BYOB bikes range from $800-1500. You must be willing and able to pay for the cost of your bike to participate.

You may also register to use the program to restore an existing bike.  Please indicate this on the registration form if this is your intention.


Check out these glowing recommendations from previous BYOB participants and their sweet bikes!

Johnty Wang and his "Johnty Bike"
Kevin Chan and his Surly Long Haul Trucker