Purple and Yellow Bikes

Our Pride and Joy

The Purple and Yellow Bike Project is a fleet of used bikes that are available for use on the UBC campus. Bikes are locked with same keyed locks. Whenever you see a bike, you are free to unlock it and ride it away; the person that left it there will have to find another one.

Bikes are donated to the program by various departments of the University, who remove abandoned bikes from the racks on campus. We also accept donations from community members and we may be able to pick up bikes if they can’t make their way to the Kitchen. Volunteers rebuild some bikes into public bikes, and scrap others for parts.



Sounds Good. So How Do I Get A Key?

You can get a key by doing both of the following two things:

1. Become a member of the Bike Co-op. “How do I become a member?” You ask? You can either pay $15 dollars (for students, $20 for staff and community members), or volunteer with the Bike Co-op for six hours.


2. Volunteer six hours of your time at the Purple and Yellow Volunteer Night (every Tuesday, 6-9pm).


The bikes serve as an educational platform for students to learn about bike repair without the potential trauma of making a mistake on their own steed. Our volunteers work under the supervision of trained mechanics and senior volunteer leaders, so all bikes are checked for safety before being put back out for use.

Artistic Design

Bikes are painted purple and yellow, outfitted with a purple and yellow lock, and ridden out to some point on campus by a Volunteer or Member.

The program was established in June, 1998. We welcome the donation of bikes, tools, parts, paint, time, or money. Please email programs(at)bikecoop.ca if you are interested in donating to the program.

Purple and Yellow Volunteer Night

Every Tuesday (except holidays - check our calendar for shop closures), we run Purple and Yellow Volunteer Night from 6pm to 9pm at the Bike Kitchen.

Simply drop in (no registration required!) and help us fix up injured P&Y bikes, build new members of the fleet, and paint the bikes their signature hues.  No experience necessary - we have senior program leaders at every P&Y Volunteer Night to help you learn.




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