Purple and Yellow Bike Share

Your campus bike share

The Purple and Yellow Bike Share is a fleet of used bikes available for bike share members to ride within the boundaries of UBC campus. P&Y members receive a key that will unlock any P&Y bike on campus. All of the bikes in our P&Y fleet were donated to the Bike Kitchen, and are refurbished and maintained at our weekly P&Y Night.

NEW: P&Y Bike Hubs

Have you seen the purple bike racks around campus?  These are hubs for the P&Y Bike Share. Check one of these locations if you’re looking for a P&Y to ride, and help out your fellow bike share members by bringing your P&Y back to a hub when you’re done using it.

Map of hub for website





Come to P&Y Night! Earn a bike share key

Come volunteer at P&Y Night at the Bike Kitchen every Tuesday night from 6:15pm - 9:00pm. It doesn't matter if you're a pro bike mechanic, or if you've never worked on a bike before, this is a great place to try out mechanics and learn. Experienced volunteers and a Bike Kitchen mechanic will be there to help out folks who'd like some guidance. No need to sign up beforehand, just drop in. OOh, and you'll get free pizza. See ya there!

Earn your key and become a P&Y Bike Share member after 6 hours of volunteer time if you are a Bike Kitchen Member. If you're not a member yet, volunteer for 6 hours to become a member for free, or buy your membership:  $15 for students, $20 for non-students.

Have you seen a P&Y in need of help? 

Please keep your eye out for P&Ys bikes that are:

  • In disrepair
  • Locked with a lock that cannot be opened with a P&Y key
  • Off UBC Campus
  • In the same spot for 2 weeks

If you are able to, we are always happy to have broken P&Ys returned to the Bike Kitchen, otherwise please let us know when you see a P&Y in need of help here and we will find it at our next P&Y Night. Thank you for helping keep the P&Y bikes in circulation.