Bicycle Recycling


Sustainability and responsible consumption are important parts of the Bike Co-op’s mandate.  We want cycling to be accessible and affordable, so that everyone can cycle as a primary method of transportation.  That is why we recycle and reuse bicycles – not only does it keep bikes out of the landfill, but it also enables us to build bikes out of used parts, keeping our costs low. Much of the bike recycling is done by volunteers at Volunteer Day, through which we engage members of our community in a hands-on way to create a more socially and environmentally responsible world.


Get involved!

Every Wednesday is Volunteer Day at the Bike Kitchen from 11am-5pm. Come to the Bike Kitchen and a mechanic will show you how to strip bikes, sort parts, and recycle! No prior experience with bike mechanics required, beginners are very welcome – we’ll teach you what to do!

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