Bike Basics Workshop

Register Here for October 14th 11:00am-2:00pm

Bike Basics is our most beginner level workshop. This is a great chance to get hands on experience giving your own bike some care and getting to know the Bike Kitchen. We will be covering:

  • Air – How much to put into your tires, how to check tires for wear.
  • Brakes – How to make small adjustments to rim brakes, check for brake pad wear, clean braking surfaces.
  • Chain – How to check your chain and drivetrain for wear, how to oil your chain.
  • How to recognize loose bearing systems, wheels that are out of true, and rusty cables and housing.
  • How to fix a flat!

Bring your own bike if possible, because each bike is different, so it’s most useful to get to know just how yours works.

If you’ve had experience with most of the things on this list then look into our Intro to Mechanics 4-week course to learn more advanced topics.


For Bike Kitchen Members: $15

For non Bike Kitchen Members: $20


Intro to Mechanics 101 Workshop 

Register here for Oct 11- Nov 1 workshop series *STILL 2 SPOTS LEFT!*

Register here for Nov 8 – Nov 29 workshop series

During four interactive sessions, you’ll learn about bike tools, parts and the inner workings of our two-wheeled friends. The basics of repairs and maintenance will be taught by knowledgeable mechanics in a friendly and supportive environment with small class sizes. Throughout this series of workshops, demonstrations and explanations of basic bike mechanisms will be given to help with understanding of the entire bicycle system.

Everyone is welcome! No bike required!  However, if you do own a bike, we recommend that you bring it with you so that you can practice repairs on your own bike under the supervision of our instructor – it’s a great way to get to know your bike!

Workshops run for four weeks on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Bike Kitchen

*New location: Room 36, UBC Life Building, 6138 Student Union Blvd, Vancouver BC*

Workshop Schedule:

Workshop 1:  Introduction to the Bicycle, Flats and Tires: You’ll get a general overview of the parts that make up your bike and Learn how to fix a flat tire.

Workshop 2:  Bearings: A bearing is the point of contact between a turning part and a non-turning part. Major bearings on a bicycle are the headset, the bottom bracket, and the hubs. There are also bearings in brakes, pedals and freewheels.

Workshop 3:  Brakes: Learn how your brakes work, how to adjust them and keep them working well.

Workshop 4:  Drivetrain: This includes the parts of a bicycle which have to do with generating forward motion, including the pedals, cranks, chainwheels, bottom bracket, chain, derailleurs, rear sprocket(s) and rear hub.


For co-op members: $50 for all 4 workshops.

For non co-op members: $70 for all 4 workshops.

Mechanics 201 Complete Bike Overhaul Workshop

We are excited to run our intermediate bike repair workshop: Complete Bike Overhaul Workshop! To be eligible for this course you must have completed the Intro to Mechanics Workshop series or have equivalent experience. Please check with us if you are not sure if you qualify for this workshop by e-mailing

Each workshop will walk the participants through completely stripping, cleaning, and refurbishing their bike system by system. By the end of the workshop, participants will have increased familiarity with their own bike, a completely overhauled and tuned bike, and a basic understanding of part compatibility.

Workshop Schedule: Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm

Week 1: Frame Alignment and Prep – Check and realign frames and forks, discuss fork compatibility, grease pedals, stems, and seatposts, overhaul headsets, an assess bike and order replacement parts if needed.

Week 2: Bottom Brackets and Hubs – Overhaul Bottom Brackets and Wheel hubs, discuss BB axle length and chain line.

Week 3: Wheel Truing – True front and rear wheels, discuss measuring spokes for replacement, discuss different types of spokes and their uses.

Week 4: Brakes – Remove, disassemble, and re-install front and rear brakes, replace brake cable and housing, pads as needed, discuss brake compatibility.

Week 5: Drivetrain – Replace chains, rear gear clusters, and chainrings as needed, disassemble and clean all drivetrain parts, discuss BCD, tooth count, and gear ratios.

Week 6: Shifting – Remove rear derailleur, disassemble, clean, replace jockey wheels as needed, remove and clean front derailleur as needed, replace cable and housing, discuss derailleur and shifter compatibility.

Week 7: Safety Check and Test Ride – Everyone safety checks all bikes, test ride bikes and make adjustments as needed, discuss torque requirements, replace accessories


For co-op members: $120 for all 7 workshops

For non co-op members: $140 for all 7 workshops ($135 for UBC students)

*cost of additional parts for your bike not included in workshop price

*Please consider using a bike for this workshop that is not your “daily commuter,” as you may not complete each project during class!

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Intro to Bike Mechanics


Memberships: $15 for students, $20 for faculty, staff and community members or volunteer for six hours and your membership is free!

Our online registration system takes Visa and Mastercard - if you need to pay with cash or debit, please email education(at) or call (604) 822-2453 and we will check workshop availability for you and pass along the details for paying in person if there is space.

Interested in attending but cannot afford the registration fee? The Bike Co-op has bursaries available. Email education(at) for more information or to apply for a bursary for an upcoming workshop.

Space in the workshops is limited; if you are unable to attend, please notify us so we can offer the space to another person. 

Workshop Cancellation Policy