Read and Learn About Cycling

At the Bike Co-op, we consider ourselves experts on bicycles.

We also firmly believe that anyone (that includes you – yes, you!) can learn to be an expert, too! We have published the following documents to inform and encourage cyclists. Check them out!

And contact us if you want to use them or distribute them.

Biking in the Rain

Buying a Used Bike

The AMS Bike Co-op Cycling Resource Handbook

We’ve also curated a selection of our favourite and recommended links, resources and reading material to help you learn more about bicycles and the wonderful world of cycling, which you can check out by selecting a topic to the right.

If you know of a great resource that we’re missing, feel free to send it our way through programs(at)  We try our best to keep the links up to date, but the internet moves pretty fast (faster than a bicycle!)  If you find a broken link, don’t hesitate to let us know. Happy reading!