Cycling in Vancouver

The Cyclist Handbook

Outlines rules of the road, safety tips, helmet and bicycle fitting, and resources to find out more about safe and enjoyable cycling. Printed and available online, the handbook is in five languages: Punjabi, Korean, Tagalog, simplified Chinese and English.


Other Non-Profit Bike Shops and Bike Co-ops in Vancouver

Our Community Bikes

Simon Fraser Bike Tool Co-op (run by Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group)



Cycling Trip Planners

Metro Vancouver/UBC – can be slow, but contains loads of data

Google Bike Maps

Trans-Link Full City Bike Routes Maps – bike routes mapped throughout the GVRD


Information on Cycling Resources and Infrastructure from the City

City of Vancouver Cycling Portal

Want to report a cycling hazard? (e.g., debris, leaves, recurring ice or even a parked vehicle in a bike lane!)
Call 3-1-1
For more extensive inquiries in the City, email

Cycling Advocacy Groups

The AMS Bike Co-op (duh :D)

HUB – Vancouver’s Cycling Connection

B:C:Clettes (sadly no longer active)

The BC Cycling Coalition