Bike Cages

In partnership with UBC’s Campus + Community Planning department, the Bike Co-op offers secure parking bike parking cages for UBC students, faculty and staff.
The secure parking bike cages are intended for short-term personal bike storage only. Bikes must not be stored overnight in the bike cages; this increases the chances of break-ins​. ​If you are looking for long-term and/or overnight secure bike storage, please consider applying for a bike locker.

To gain access to a bike cage,

Please fill out the online form here.

You will receive an automatic email with your request for bike cage codes. Please note you can request access to a maximum of 5 cages.  You must register with an official UBC or affiliate organization email address so that we can verify your eligibility – see below for detailed instructions for Staff/Faculty and Students. If you would like access to additional cages after registering, please email info(at)

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with the online form, please email the Bike Co-op at info(at)

Registration instructions for UBC Faculty and Staff

You must register with your email account to gain access to the codes.  Departmental extensions (ie. and UBC partner agency email addresses (ie., can also be used to register in the system.

Certain UBC mail servers have marked our messages as spam in the past – please ensure that you mark info(at) as a safe sender, and check your spam folder if you do not receive your cage codes to your inbox within 60 minutes.

If you are a staff member without a UBC address, contact your department IT manager to set up the email. Should you prove ineligible, send an email to info(at) with a scanned photo of your UBC Staff ID Card and we can add you to the system manually.

If you do not receive your bike cage codes within 24 hours please notify us at info(at)

Registration instructions for UBC Students

To register, please set up your free UBC student account with UBC IT.   If you do not submit a valid UBC email address, we will not be able to process your request. Please make sure you check your UBC email account or set up email forwarding, as we will send your codes, as well as any future notifications, to this address. To sign up for your student email address, please visit the UBC IT website:

Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for your student email account to be authorized.  If you have just set up your student account please ensure you have activated your account completely and send a test email to ensure that your email address is working correctly before submitting your request for bike cage codes, otherwise the email containing the codes you need will bounce.

If you do not receive your bike cage codes within 24 hours please notify us at info(at)

Bike Cage Facility Locations

A new cage, located near the Civil and Mechanical Engineering building, was launched on March 4th. New users can sign up online, and current registered users can email us at for the new cage code.

  • Allard Hall (Law Building – 1822 East Mall)
  • Aquatic Ecosystems Research Library (AERL; 2202 Main Mall)
  • Buchanan Tower (1873 East Mall)
  • Chemistry Building
  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering (CEME)
  • Fraser River Parkade
  • Health Sciences Parkade (2250 Health Sciences Mall)
  • Thunderbird Parkade (6085 Thunderbird Boulevard)
  • Totem Field (2613 West Mall)
  • West Parkade (2140 Lower Mall)

*Please note that from August 2016-December 2017 the North Parkade bike cage will not be public access.