Bike Lockers

Bike lockers are available to rent for $10/month plus a $45 refundable key deposit. Bike parking cages are available for free daytime use, providing covered bike racks within a secure enclosure.

For alternate access to secure bicycle storage on campus, consider the free shared bicycle cage program – learn more at


Individual Bike Lockers ($10/month):

To register for a Bike Locker, fill out the online Bike Locker Rental Request form.  Upon submission of the form, a Bike Co-op staff member will check available bike lockers and be in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange your rental. At that point you will come into the Bike Kitchen in order to sign the locker rental agreement form, pay the $45 key deposit + $10/month for the rental, and receive your key!  If no lockers are available in your desired location(s), you will be added to a waitlist and notified when a space becomes available.

At the end of your rental, you will receive an email requesting you come into the Bike Kitchen to renew your rental OR return your key and receive your deposit. You may incur penalty charges if you do not return your locker key on time. We recommend you book for multiple months at a time, to save yourself some time in renewing.

The bike lockers are triangular shaped and will fit one bicycle – although they may not fit some bikes with very wide cruiser bars.

If you already rent a Bike Locker and would like to renew your rental, please come into the Bike Kitchen during open hours (M-F 10-6, Sat 11-6, closed on Sundays and holidays).

Locations and Availability

  • Brock Hall (1896 E Mall) – 40 lockers
  • War Memorial Gym (6081 University Boulevard) – 12 lockers
  • Frederic Lasserre Building (6333 Memorial Road) – 8 lockers
  • David Strangway Building (5950 University Boulevard) – 8 lockers
  • Henry Angus Building (2053 Main Mall) – 8 lockers
  • D.H. Copp Building (2146 Health Sciences Mall) – 8 lockers 
  • Neville Scarfe Building (2125 Main Mall) – 8 lockers
  • Life Sciences Centre (2350 Health Sciences Mall) – 22 lockers
  • Engineering Design Centre (2345 East Mall) – 6 lockers
  • Place Vanier Residence – 20 lockers 
  • Totem Park Residence – 20 lockers
  • Chem & Bio Engineering – 4 lockers
  • J. B. Macdonald – 12 lockers
  • Woodward – 6 lockers
  • H.R. Macmillan – 6 lockers – new location!
  • Fred Kaiser – 4 lockers – new location!
  • David Lam – 6 lockers – new location!
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences – 4 lockers – new location!
new lockers map